ITEAAInstitute of Technical Education Alumni Association (Singapore)
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Prior to the establishment of the ITEAA process, I signed a memo that said no one can buy data storage, because we already had so much extra capacity within the department.
About a year ago we put in the ITEAA and are still working out the greater specifics as we fit them in with the guidance we recently received from OSD.
Mulloy: The $1 million threshold for review and approval of IT expenditures by Navy and Marine Corps ITEAAs remains in effect.
"Department of the Navy Information Technology Expenditure Approval Authorities (ITEAA)" requires approval by the designated ITEAA of any IT software, hardware or service with a projected life cycle cost or purchase price totaling $1 million or more.
So now both the Navy and Marine Corps have a single ITEAA, or Information Technology Expenditure Approval Authority, who approves every business IT project that costs more than $1 million.