ITEC4Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Commercial Contracting Center
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Bryon Young, director of ITEC4, said he believes the AKO-EIS competition and resulting award "is an excellent example of the benefits that can be achieved through a performance-based acquisition strategy.
The SmartBUY Office implemented the agreement as an enhancement to the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative currently managed by the Army Small Computer Program and Army Contracting Agency ITEC4.
In accord with the specifications laid out by the ACA ITEC4, ALR-9770 Series readers support current EPC protocols (Class 1 Gen 1 and Class 0) within the same sphere of influence and are upgradeable to Class 1 Gen 2, thus supporting the Government's desired plug and play environment for electronic data collection.
According to the ACA ITEC4, RFID EPC-1 technology will provide standardization and interoperability requirements among all Government users of passive RFID EPC-1 tags and components.