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ITEMSInteractive Tactical Environment Management System
ITEMSIdentifying Trends in European Medical Space (thematic network)
ITEMSInternational Tactical EMS Association
ITEMSIntegrated Training Evaluation and Measurement Services
ITEMSImaging Technologies & Evolving Management Systems (Conference)
ITEMSInstructional Topics in Educational Measurement Series (National Council on Measurement in Education)
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This was the vocal telegraph of the islanders; by means of which condensed items of information could be carried in a very few minutes from the sea to their remotest habitation, a distance of at least eight or nine miles.
It was some time before he could be made to comprehend certain of the most important items of the bill, such as pilotage, anchorage, and custom-house fees; but when he discovered that maritime states in other countries derived large revenues in this manner, to the great cost of the merchant, "Well," cried he, "then I will have harbor fees also.
Besides the fundamental principle already hinted at, I demanded the fresh bloom of youth, pearly teeth, glossy ringlets, and the whole list of lovely items, with the utmost delicacy of habits and sentiments, a silken texture of mind, and, above all, a virgin heart.
I am not an easy enthusiast where women are concerned, but she was without doubt the most admirable find of his amongst all the priceless items he had accumulated in that house - the most admirable.
These were items of property indeed, but he had found himself since his arrival distinguishing more than ever between them.
No one seems to know or to care what my nationality is, and I am treated, on the contrary, with the civility which is the portion of every traveller who pays the bill without scanning the items too narrowly.
Moulton, an American gentleman, had left only the day before, and on looking over the entries against him, I came upon the very items which I had seen in the duplicate bill.
He soon found the farmer, and settled the account for his rent and the few other items which had to be considered by reason of the sudden abandonment of the lodgings.
Chadband's habit--it is the head and front of his pretensions indeed--to keep this sort of debtor and creditor account in the smallest items and to post it publicly on the most trivial occasions.
Not a penny will these people be the worse, except for their washing and their electric light, and I mean to leave enough to cover both items.
He took another look to assure himself that his senses had not deceived him and then read the items aloud, in a faltering voice, while the roses in his cheeks turned to ashes:
Here is the summing up of his various items, and their weight, as he computed it: