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ITEPImproved Turbine Engine Program (US Army)
ITEPInstitut Thérapeutique, Éducatif et Pédagogique (French: Therapeutic Education and Teaching Institute)
ITEPInstitute on Taxation and Economic Policy
ITEPInstitute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (Northern Arizona University; Flagstaff, Arizona)
ITEPInstitute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics
ITEPInstitute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Russia)
ITEPInternational Treatment Effectiveness Project (UK)
ITEPIndividual Training Evaluation Program
ITEPInterim Tactical ELINT Processor
ITEPIntegrated Test/Evaluation Program
ITEPIntelligence and Tactical Exploitation Processor
ITEPIntegrated Testing and Evaluation Plan
ITEPIntegrated Test & Evaluation Plan
ITEPIndependent Technical Evaluation Plan
ITEPIstituto di Tecniche Evolutive della Persona
ITEPInterfaith Training and Employee Project (Interfaith of the Woodlands, Texas)
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The ITEP report focused on what was actually paid, not what might be paid.
"Oftentimes the absence of an income tax is interpreted as proof that a state is 'low tax,' " said Carl Davis, research director of ITEP, via email.
These findings of the ITEP Study are consistent with those of scholars Katherine Newman and Rourke O'Brien, who completed a comprehensive study that found that there are profound regional differences in the way the poor are taxed.
An ITEP analysis zeroed in on these temporary provisions and examined what would happen if Congress extended them at least through 2026.
Categorizing the homologous genes by metabolic subsystem as annotated in iST807 computed by ITEP lends more specific insight into conservation of metabolism in these archaea (see Figure 6).
An updated study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) found that undocumented immigrants who reside in California collectively paid almost $3.2 billion in state and local taxes in 2013.
"From an aviation perspective, it's certainly a priority," said Rich Kretzschmar, acting project manager for the Army's FVL program and program manager for the improved turbine engine program (ITEP).
The first phase, the 13.5-tonne (class) FVL-Medium, or Capability Sets Two and Three, will replace the AH-64E and UH-60M/V respectively from around 2030, using Improved Turbine Engine Program (Itep) powerplants.
However, a study by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) showed that GE was not an anomaly: one in six of the top 250 largest corporations paid no corporate income tax in at least one of the years between 1996 and 1998.
ITEP is intended to fit the existing installations of the Black Hawk and Apache, enabling both platforms to fly farther, stay on station longer, and use less fuel than currently fielded engines.
It is part of an Advanced Technology Industrial Park (ITEP) and Airport Project.