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ITESTInformation Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (US NSF)
ITESTIntegrated Target Environment Scenario Tool
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The vial is then fitted into the iTest device, which then is plugged into a phone.
When combined with the joint Spirent and InCNTRE OFTest conformance test suites via the Spirent iTest automation platform, customers are able to improve product quality while expanding test coverage, reducing time-to-test and lowering costs through collaboration across groups and sites.
Automated testing solutions provider Fanfare announced on Thursday the launch of the iTest App Store, featuring free iTest applications and test assets that can be leveraged by iTest users and testers.
Contemporary Issues in Science/Technology and Theology, ITEST, St Louis, MO, pp.
Spirent CloudStress was also used to emulate the VNF workloads and automation of test scenarios and spinning up of VMs was orchestrated using Spirents iTest platform.
This new volume looks back over the 40 years of ITEST, highlighting the advances made in the life sciences during this time and asks whether the growth and developments in science and technology, which have contributed in many cases to benefits in people's lives, have hindered the growth of the human spirit.
Globalization: Christian Challenges: Proceedings of the ITEST Workshop.
ITEST is a research and development program that supports projects to promote PreK-12 student interests and capacities to participate in the STEM and information and communications technology (ICT) workforce of the future.