ITFEIntrinsic Tryptophan Fluorescence Emission
ITFEIntermediate Forward Test Equipment
ITFEInstitute of Thermal and Fluid Engineering (Switzerland)
ITFEIntel Trade Fairs and Expositions, Pvt. Ltd. (India)
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Our findings from the 2015 expedition to northwestern Greenland represent the first look at seals (and, to our knowledge, the only seal data available) for the Petermann Fjord area, a rare ITFE in an understudied region of the Arctic.
However, additional studies would be needed to further elucidate potential ecological niches within the ITFE.
It is clear that changing from an ITFE to an environment where icebergs calve directly from an ice cliff will greatly affect the fjord and subsequently, the marine mammal habitat.
Our study provides an initial profile of a rare ITFE and information on which marine mammals occur within and around Petermann Fjord.