ITFPInformation Technology Foundation of the Philippines
ITFPInformation Technology Focus Program
ITFPInitiating Tender Floating Process (ElectronicTender)
ITFPIndependent Tax and Financial Planners PC (Holland, PA)
ITFPIn The First Place
ITFPITFlightPlan (software development process)
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We used the gene symbols of the human gene information data downloaded from the NCBI FTP site as standard human gene names to integrate the omics data, including NGS data, methylation profiles, drug response genome-wide microarray data in CMAP, drug-gene interaction DGIdb data, miRNA-target gene association data in TargetScan, PPIs in BioGRID, transcription regulations in HTRIdb, and ITFP and TRANSFAC data.
For each group (normal, SVD and TVD), the dependence of ITFP on the frequency were demonstrated and compared with each other.
Intuit has been donating free electronic tax preparation and e-filing to lower income taxpayers for the past four years through ITFP (formerly called Quicken Tax Freedom Project).