ITFSInstructional Television Fixed Service
ITFSInternational Toll Free Services
ITFSInternational Transfer Factor Society (immunoregulators)
ITFSIrish Tropical Fish Society (Ireland)
ITFSInfant Toddler Family Specialist (credential)
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The Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) recent revamping of the spectrum from ITFS to EBS now makes it possible for licensees to use various fixed, portable, and mobile services related to education and instruction.
ITFS, which is a member of the IDB group, also received international
Du ITFS numbers are available to all our 90 carrier partners around the globe.
While all the schools can receive the signal, ITFS is only a one-way system.
This research provides analysis of the market for ITFS within the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
To date, the Bush administration has not retracted from the rapid decision-making process that could lead to 3G at the expense of MMDS, ITFS and federal government (including DoD) spectrum users.
Audio talk back is provided via radio response channels back to the ITFS transmitter sire and then returned to Chico via a six-channel frequency division multiplex subcarrier system on the microwave.
The large portion of spectrum allocated for ITFS has such favorable technical characteristics--and is therefore so valuable--that it has been dubbed "beach-front property.
With our experience to date both in commercial and trial markets, we remain confident that MMDS and ITFS will be one of the few sustaining platforms for delivering broadband services to medium and small markets.
Distance education practitioners apply singularly and in combination various types of media (print, audio, video, computer) and formats (satellite TV, ITFS microwave, compressed video, VSAT, e-mail, WANs, etc.
gov) voted unanimously in June to reject a proposal that would have carved up the ITFS (Instructional Television Fixed Service) broadcast spectrum currently used by K-12 and higher education as well as distance learning programs.