ITHAInter Tribal Health Authority (Canada)
ITHAInternational Travel Healthcare Association (China)
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Transliteration: Wahuwa allathee anshaa jannatinmaAArooshatin waghayra maAArooshatin wannakhlawazzarAAa mukhtalifan okuluhu wazzaytoona warrummanamutashabihan waghayra mutashabihin kuloo minthamarihi itha athmara waatoo haqqahu yawma hasadihiwala tusrifoo innahu la yuhibbu almusrifeen
How long does it take for a Mobile TeleOphthalmology Project to go from dream to reality, asked Norman Lewsey, executive director of the Inter Tribal Health Authority (ITHA) on Vancouver Island.
The online claim entry and automated claim processing modules that were previously proposed and analyzed in ITHA will only partially automate the claim adjudication process.
(a) Instituto de Quimica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco A, Sala 626-A, Cidade Universitaria, Itha do Fundao, 21945-970 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
(9.) John Small, The Origins of Middle-Class Culture: Halifax, Yorkshire, 1660-1780 (Itha ca, NY, 1994), 165-166.
Beklentilerin aksi gerceklestiginde, kadinlar espri anlayisindan yoksun olmakla ya da sakalari anlayacak zekaya sahip olmamakla itha;n edilebilirler.
The main concern of this essay is the squabble over the Itha Verde--between the Jesuits, the Macanese, and the Chinese.
In the company of vocalists Itha Koorax and Nelson Angelo and such up-and-coming Brazilian instrumental talent as keyboardist Delia Fisher, Romao crafts a joyfully spontaneous program that includes both churning samba-esque rhythms and restful bossas.
01 Systems ITHA User's Guide and Advanced Programmers Reference Rel.
He said in a statement today that "our security forces from Diyala police are still carrying out their security duties in Hamad Al-Ali village and Rami mosques and Itha Al-Waleed areas, which resulted in the destruction of six hideouts to Daesh terrorist gangs.
Allen nhw o leia fod wedi ei roi yn y categori plant - o'n i'n itha joio'i wylio pan o'n i yn yr ysgol beth bynnag.