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The results of these measurements are a direct input to the ITHC module for handover decisions between tunnels.
This module on the user side is represented as ITHC software module and has a direct interaction with other software modules of the virtual network layer.
At this stage of the process all the above components are in direct interaction with the ITHC.
I strongly suggest that individuals do not buy ITHC stock unless you first speak to your broker and/or financial planner.
Individuals are further warned by ITHC management that they could suffer losses to the full extent of their investment virtually overnight if this offer is not accepted by the above mentioned companies.
ITHC shareholders will be allowed to swap tax free under Section 1031 or Section 368(a)(1)(c) of the tax code with no current tax effect immediately following the June 11 reverse-split date.
45 million shares as per their agreement with ITHC.
In closing, if you are interested in swapping your shares, you should contact your broker and immediately order your ITHC shares out for delivery to yourself.
com and the management of ITHC worked together to build a Beta Test Site previously located at Access TradeOne.
What this means is that for every 50 shares of ITHC shareholders tender to the company, they can receive 1 share of Access TradeOne.
The individual acts of others have left the ITHC shareholders with a shell, which cannot be merged with any other company due to the potential stock-fraud issue at hand," said Pittera.
This is not what the shareholders invested in or understood to be the case when they committed capital to ITHC.