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References in classic literature ?
'Ith it your intenthion to do anything for the poor girl, Thquire?'
I'm willing to take her prentith, though at her age ith late.
'Ith an internal thame, upon my thoul it ith,' said Sleary.
To thpeak plain to you, my opinion ith that you had better cut it thort, and drop it.
But what I thay, Thquire, ith, that good tempered or bad tempered, I never did a horthe a injury yet, no more than thwearing at him went, and that I don't expect I thall begin otherwithe at my time of life, with a rider.
Known all over England, and alwayth paythe ith way.'
I with your father hadn't taken hith dog with him; ith a ill- conwenienth to have the dog out of the billth.
She is off w ith her mistress, this morning, on a visit to Mr.
I got to feeling very lonely in the dark, ith no company but an undigested dinner.
But I's got de chance to lif' mah voice to de glory of de Lawd as I go paddin' dem golden streets--along 'ith de chance to be jis' worms along 'ith you, Mis' Martin.'"
all otherth ith Cag-Maggerth, give me Jaggerth!" These testimonies to the popularity of my guardian made a deep impression on me, and I admired and wondered more than ever.
His eyes he op'nd, and beheld a field, Part arable and tilth, whereon were Sheaves New reapt, the other part sheep-walks and foulds; Ith' midst an Altar as the Land-mark stood Rustic, of grassie sord; thither anon A sweatie Reaper from his Tillage brought First Fruits, the green Eare, and the yellow Sheaf, Uncull'd, as came to hand; a Shepherd next More meek came with the Firstlings of his Flock Choicest and best; then sacrificing, laid The Inwards and thir Fat, with Incense strew'd, On the cleft Wood, and all due Rites perform'd.