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If the government wishes to make a deal to surrender these areas, according= to the proposed law, a referendum must be called within 180 days of the in= itial agreement =96 and any deal would be contingent on its passing the ref= erendum.
Only the excitatory effect of the [[D.sub.2]-agonist Quinpriole is by about 50% smaller than the in itial one.
According to simple human capital theory, such a student would be accumulating more human capital than nontransfers, and the longer the student spends at the in itial, higher-quality institution, the higher the accumulation.
At all sites, traps were placed near activity areas (e.g., latrines, food caches, nests) and throughout suitable habitat found during in itial searches.
The additional cardiologist treatment variables were: whether or not the patient had at least one cardiology consultation during the first 24 hours of admission; whether the patient had at least one cardiology consultation at some time during the initial admission; the share of total Medicare physician payments during the in itial hospital stay made to cardiologists; and the percent of all physician expenditures allocated to cardiologists.