ITICSInternational Trust and Investment Corporations
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EIU (2000b) notes that illegal deposit-taking financial institutions are widespread in China (including certain ITICs -- discussed below -- that have diversified without authorization into deposit-taking), citing the case of one that closed in April 1999, having lost $20 million of its $58 million in deposits, and warning that further cases of this sort could undermine public confidence in the banking system.
Prioritizing "subject matter," their selection emphasized artists mining the big seams--embodiment, morality, sexuality, post-identity pol itics, diasporic experience, colonial pasts and postcolonial presents--with originality, bite, and sophistication.
Meikle, "A meddlesome princess: Anna of Denmark and Scottish court pol itics, 1589-1603"; Grant G.
The firms, a class of financial companies known as Itics, will be required to keep a minimum of US$36.6 million in capital, will be banned from taking deposits and their trust business will be removed from banking and securities operations.
Chairman and Chief Executive David Li said the bank has taken 100% provisions for GITIC and 20% provisions for other mainland international trust and investment corporations (ITICs) because of GITIC's Jan.
Foreign direct investment is down, exports are fiat, leading trust and investment companies ("itics") are failing, urban unemployment is at record levels.
Many people who previously knew nothing of Sean Wilentz now remember him as the historian who made a pompous fool out of himself by testifying before Congress that if members of the House voted for impeachment, "defying the deliberate judgment of the people you are supposed to represent," their reputations would be darkened "for as long as there are Americans who can tell the difference between the rule of law and the rule of pol itics." Attention has been paid, and their future public utterances are likely to be discounted accordingly.
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10 has raised concerns about the financial soundness of China's 238 other investment trust and investment corporations (ITICs).
The immediate problem is shaky international trust and investment firms (ITICs).
But local speculation about the safety of his job if Wolves had lost - weekend reports linked both Port Vale's John Rudge and former Blues boss Lou Macari with the job - had clearly got to McGhee, who delivered an emotional post-match broadside at his cr itics.
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