ITLAIllinois Trial Lawyers Association
ITLAInstituto Tecnológico de las Américas (Spanish; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
ITLAInternational Texas Longhorn Association
ITLAIntegrated Tunable Laser Assembly
ITLAInternational Technology Law Association (est. 1971)
ITLAIncremented Three Letter Acronym (four letter acronym)
ITLAIndonesian Tour Leaders Association
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And a local organization, ITLA, made this happen, found businesses to help defray costs, pulled these men proudly, expressively together.
Center for Export & Investment (CEI-RD) director Eddy Martinez announced that Indian technology company Lanco Global Systems will be operating from the Las Americas Technology Institute (ITLA), reports DR1 Daily News (March 19, 2012):
The Indiana Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA)filed a motion to appear as Amicus Curiae, which was granted.
* ITLA Capital Corporation * J & J Acoustics * J.M.
TABLE 2 Multiple logistic regression Variable B SE Wald df Sig LOR -0.5783 0.2547 5.1541 1 0.0232 Pre-oxytocin 1.0137 0.3594 7.9537 1 0.0048 Position -0.7595 0.2547 8.8920 1 0.0029 ITLA 0.5476 0.2456 4.9739 1 0.0257 Cervical dilatation -0.1360 0.100 1.859 1 0.173 Pre-block pain 0.1890 0.181 1.092 1 0.296 BMI 0.043 0.026 2.645 1 0.104 Constant -2.9117 0.9170 10.0821 1 0.0015 Variable R Exp (B) 95% CI LOR -0.0700 0.5609 0.34-0.92 Pre-oxytocin 0.0962 2.7558 1.36-5.58 Position -0.1035 0.4679 0.28-0.77 ITLA 0.0680 1.7292 1.07-2.80 Cervical dilatation 0.000 0.873 0.72-1.06 Pre-block pain 0.000 1.208 0.85-1.24 BMI 0.000 1.044 0.99-1.10 Constant Dependent variable=recurrent breakthrough pain (0=no, 1=yes).
Pirelli Broadband Solutions, the broadband access and photonics company within the Pirelli Group, announced on Monday (17 September) it has begun volume shipments of its ITLA optical solutions to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (Huawei) a provider of next generation telecomms network solutions.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-18 September 2007-Pirelli Broadband Solutions begins volume shipments of ITLA optical solutions to Huawei(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Worldwide Computer Products News-18 September 2007-Pirelli Broadband Solutions begins volume shipments of ITLA optical solutions to Huawei(C)1995-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
He was twice selected Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Indiana Trial Lawyer's Association, and is currently ITLA President-Elect.
Instead, itLa Tasca, Cuppin Street, Chester, 01244 400887 Interior: Bright and cheerful, but slightly sticky tables and menus Smoking: Separate smoking and non-smoking areas Service: charming and efficient Parking: No but you can usually find a spot in pay and display car park a few minutes' walk away The Bill: pounds 33.15 including a glass of sangria, pounds 2.95 and bottle of San Miguel beer, pounds 2.65stood on a layer of pine nuts surrounded by scrumptious raspberry coulis.