ITLAIllinois Trial Lawyers Association
ITLAInstituto Tecnológico de las Américas (Spanish; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
ITLAInternational Texas Longhorn Association
iTLAIntegrated Tunable Laser Assembly
ITLAInternational Technology Law Association (est. 1971)
ITLAIncremented Three Letter Acronym (four letter acronym)
ITLAIndonesian Tour Leaders Association
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EXFO s IQS-2800 ITLA Tunable Laser Source is a cost-effective and versatile solution for various applications, such as coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation.
According to the company, the Pirelli ITLA enhances equipment vendors' product offerings by providing the option to integrate tunability into next-generation optical networks.
The products' narrow linewidth and frequency stability are enabled by a NeoPhotonics phase-shifted DFB laser chip and a proprietary packaging technology, while the ITLA assembly also includes an integrated wavelength locker as well as industry standard electrical and firmware interfaces.
The OIF has played a pivotal role in the standardization of tunable lasers in the telecom industry with the ITLA and ITTA multi-source agreements," said Raj Batra, of Emcore and the OIF's Software Working Group chair.
Corboy, 57, has held numerous positions in ITLA, including serving on the Board of Managers, Legislative Committee, Nominating Committee and Executive Committee.
At 40 mW optical output power, the NeoPhotonics([R]) widely tunable NTL2040 laser can transmit at twice the output power of a standard ITLA.
Additional topics at the ITLA seminar on Settlements, Liens and Technology include mediation, pre-suit settlements and presenting economic damages.
The ELD5010TD will subsequently be offered in an OIF compliant ITLA module.
It has been operating for 33 years and its parent company, Imperial Capital Bankcorp fka ITLA Capital Corporation is listed on the NYSE (symbol: IMP) Fitch does not rate the credit or financial strength of ICB.
This software support will allow customers to multi-source among various ITLA vendors.