ITLCItalian Language Class
ITLCInstant Thin-Layer Chromatography
ITLCInformation Technology Leadership Council (various locations)
ITLCInteractive Technology Literacy Curriculum (Western Illinois University; Macomb, IL)
ITLCInter Technikon Library Committee (South Africa)
ITLCInstitute for Transformative Leaders and Communities (Evanston, IL)
ITLCIllinois Technology and Leadership for Change (Illinois State University)
ITLCInformation Technology & Logistics Council (American Trucking Associations)
ITLCInformation Technology Learning Center (various locations)
ITLCIntegrative Therapy and Learning Center (California)
ITLCInformation Technology Life Cycle
ITLCIntroduction to Leadership Course
ITLCInternational Teaching and Learning Consortium
ITLCInnovation Tripartite Life Cycle (University of Alaska)
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99mTc-clarithromycin was completely stable in human serum during incubation as determined by ITLC.
Quality control analysis was done by ITLC, and HPLC which was as high as ~99 %.
68]Ga-DOTA-TBIA101 was analyzed by ITLC as described earlier.
68] as qualified and quantified by using a two-strip ITLC system or HPLC with reasonable activity losses due to the labeling protocol.
111]In in the radiolabeled DOTA-J591 preparations was determined using the ITLC method with a silica gel-impregnated glass fiber support and a mobile phase of 1% DTPA (pH 5.
The medium and supernatants were also analyzed by ITLC and size exclusion HPLC to determine the amounts of free iodide produced or the size of the radioactive species created.
Samples were analyzed after every hour with PC and ITLC.
In radiochemical purity assessment of 99mTc- ciprofloxacin by ITLC, only insignificant activity remained in origin which corresponds to the reduced 99mTc.
itlcs County boss Chris Kiwomya added: "We've got some young lads in the side and it was tough for them to come here against the leaders in front of a big home crowd.