ITLCItalian Language Class
ITLCInstant Thin-Layer Chromatography
ITLCInformation Technology Leadership Council (various locations)
ITLCInteractive Technology Literacy Curriculum (Western Illinois University; Macomb, IL)
ITLCInter Technikon Library Committee (South Africa)
ITLCInstitute for Transformative Leaders and Communities (Evanston, IL)
ITLCIllinois Technology and Leadership for Change (Illinois State University)
ITLCInformation Technology & Logistics Council (American Trucking Associations)
ITLCInformation Technology Learning Center (various locations)
ITLCInformation Technology Life Cycle
ITLCIntegrative Therapy and Learning Center (California)
ITLCIntroduction to Leadership Course
ITLCInternational Teaching and Learning Consortium
ITLCInnovation Tripartite Life Cycle (University of Alaska)
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The ITLC strips were cut into half and measured in the gamma counter to determine the percentage of labelled peptide (origin) to free radionuclide (solvent front).
99mTc-clarithromycin was completely stable in human serum during incubation as determined by ITLC. It was found that 97% labeling was found at 24 hours of incubation with very little increase in free 99mTcO4 and reduced or hydrolyzed 99mTc at 37oC.
The [sup.68]Ga percentage of unbound and bound [sup.68]Ga-DOTA-TBIA101 was analyzed by ITLC as described earlier.
Free [sup.111]In in the radiolabeled DOTA-J591 preparations was determined using the ITLC method with a silica gel-impregnated glass fiber support and a mobile phase of 1% DTPA (pH 5.5).
Quality controls were performed using both instant thin layer chromatography (iTLC) and reversed phase-HPLC (RP-HPLC).
Monitoring of all complexes was made by paper chromatography (PC) (Agilent, USA), instant thin layer chromatography (ITLC) (Agilent, USA) and RP-HPLC (Shimadzu, Japan).
This final report describes the activities and outcomes of the Interactive Technology Literacy Curriculum (ITLC) project.
Our in vitro stability results may not reflect real condition, because iTLC might not be able to identify the disassociated[[sup.131]I] that might also be absorbed by protein(s) in blood.
The radiochemical purity of the radiolabeled complex was determined by Paper Chromatography (PC) and Instant Thin Layer Chromatography (ITLC).
Radionuclide incorporation yield and radiochemical purity of radiolabeled DANBIRT were characterized by instantaneous thin layer chromatography (ITLC) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), respectively, following previously published methods [33].