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ITLLIntegrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (University of Colorado at Boulder)
ITLLIntuitionistic Temporal Linear Logic (computer programming)
ITLLInternational Trade Law Library
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But these were outline sketches and itll be some time before we get the full picture.
isnt it annoying when pretentious marketing types try to rewrite the rules of grammar and punctuation but what do I know maybe itll catch on
Presenter: "Well, if you look at the scoreboard that big thing opposite you on the other side of the ground itll be shown in large numbers."
Itll be a great kickoff to the summer season," Amoni said.
Itll enhance efficiency and accountability and fix bureaucracy, manipulation and wastage.
Itll be exciting to see two of the most sought-after actors of Indian cinema play such intense characters.
If its a loud and promiscuous character, itll probably be given to me," she said.
Then the fake model made of plaster of paris is originated which then acquires the shape of plastic calf where itll get fixed under or above knee joint.
Hell get into Downing Street and itll reassure people of how the Conservative Party has changed.
Good job we had the flu injection, itll soon be gone.
And itll be even more a real ale pub after the changes because well be able to offer more ales.