ITLSInternational Trade Logistics Software
ITLSInternational Trauma Life Support (Oakbrook Terrace, IL; formerly BTLS)
ITLSInstitute of Transport and Logistics Studies (Australia)
ITLSInformation and Technology Literacy Standards (education)
ITLSInternational Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (Hamburg, Germany; also seen as ITLOS)
ITLSInformation Technology Law Society (University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
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But see List of Cases, Int'l Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, (last visited April 15, 2017) (showing, unfortunately, cases involving Arctic disputes never truly go before ITLS).
The proposed ITLS in former subsection corresponds to the first goal.
ITLS: Perform incremental tournament local searcher to generate [N.sub.s] new solutions [N.sub.s](t).
From these two problems, we can see that MMEDA, which hybrids with ITLS, is a competitive algorithm for some problems.
However, in terms of convergence, MMEDA is slightly better than RM-MEDA on nine problems (F1, F2, F4, F5, F6, F8, F10, AF1, and AF2) and the effectiveness of our ITLS seems to play a very significant role for the above nine problems.
We have proposed a novel multiobjective algorithm based on the manifold distribution of Pareto set in the decision space, an efficient local searcher (ITLS), and [epsilon]-dominance.
Logistics companies are already expected to provide expertise in such technologies as TMS, WMS, SCEM, and ITLS systems.
To maintain the integrity of the ITL program, Verizon has enacted several safeguards, including ITL inspections of vendors' testing equipment prior to witness testing to ensure it meets ANSI, MIL/-STD and/or ISO calibration standards, and routine Verizon audits of ITLs while witnessing vendors' NEBS testing procedures.
The ETL SEMKO division of Intertek Testing Services (ITS) was named by Verizon as a certified Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) as part of a new program to expedite product-to-market cycles for Verizon's telecommunications equipment vendors, and to create more economical compliance testing processes for them.
Having an ITL conduct "witness testing" provides Verizon's vendors that have the appropriate testing laboratories with a significant savings of time and expenses associated with shipping equipment, and in some cases personnel, to a certified testing laboratory.
To be accepted as a Verizon-certified ITL, ETL SEMKO will demonstrate its ongoing commitment to total quality management in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to):
Many of the ITLs indicated much of their work is environmentally related, while the equipment suppliers said much of their rubber industry business is with environmental testing equipment.