ITMFInternational Textile Manufacturers Federation
ITMFInformation Technology and Management Foundation (Netherlands)
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I had tried my hand at marbling during my student years at ITMF, and was exploring everything I came across -- from candle-making to textile-printing.
The ITMF 2009 will run under the theme 'Making IT matter: Finding opportunities and defining value', and is said to be an end-user focused event, ensuring that delegates come face-to-face with IT and business decision-makers.
Robin Anson presents the keynote address at the ITMF conference, and provides a comprehensive overview of the global textile and apparel industry - including an assessment of those countries whose textile and apparel industries are at greatest risk in the run up to quota elimination in January 2005.
Always provided a notice period of 20 trading days is issued to ITMF
ITMF Annual Conference" Challenges and Opportunities for nonwovens Global and Regional Market Trends (6th November 2012Hanoi Vietnam).
Bashir Ali Mohammad, the past President of ITMF, is very happy with the performance of the BRUCKNER thermosol dyeing range.
During the ICCTM conference held in Bremen/Germany on March 18, 2014, the ITMF International Committee on Cotton Testing Methods (ICCTM) gave full recognition to AQUA-LAB.
CCI staff and representatives participated in the meeting of the international Discover Natural Fibers Initiative (DNFI) and the ITMF meeting held during the show.
While the news has been welcomed by the industry, industry leaders such as Bashir Ali Mohammad of Gul Ahmed Textiles who is also the President of ITMF, is cautions against taking any rash decisions in haste such as offering low prices to attract buyers from the EU.
According to the latest International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics (ITMSS) by the ITMF (International Textile Manufacturers Federation) shipments of new textile machinery fell in 2012 in most segments compared with 2011, although a new record was set for shipments of large diameter circular knitting machines.
She is ACIMIT's representative at ITMF, the International Federation of Textile Manufacturers, and is a member of the Italian delegation at CEMATEX, the Committee of European Textile Machinery Associations.
Ali Mohammad assumed his post at the ITMFs Annual Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, held earlier this month.