ITMGIn Touch Media Group (online marketing firm)
ITMGInformation Technology Management Group
ITMGIntegrated Thermal Micrometeroroid Garment (NASA)
ITMGInformation Technology Management and Governance (software)
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The ITMG survey which was seen by this medium further emphasized that the pressure on the Boko Haram sect by the ISIS network has been on in the past six months, especially as the election is approaching.
The new ITMG classification system divides the mediastinum into three compartments.
This review paper discusses the use of the new ITMG mediastinal compartment classification system and how it can be applied to diagnosing a mediastinal mass in children.
Currently, ITMG is studying a number of coal miners it wants to acquire.
He said: 'It won't be the ITMG that select the captain but I, as the chairman of that committee, join Duncan Fletcher, Geoff Miller and David Graveney to decide on the next captain.
Watching Amiss and the ITMG try to resolve the Flintoff issue and that of Fletcher will be one of the more interesting exercises.
If the Warwickshire man does not dig his toes in on all six counts, then ITMG, EMAC or any other body is wasting its time and the future will remain bleak.
Amiss has landed the influential chairmanship of the ITMG, which oversees and shapes much of the England Cricket Board's policy-making, and will take over from the retiring incumbent Brian Bolus on January 1.
Issues ranging from central contracts and the national academy to setting tour itineraries and appointing personnel fall under the ITMG's remit.
Amiss foresees no complications with his new post, however, and argues instead that the Warwickshire will only benefit by having a presence on the ITMG. 'There won't be a conflict at all,' he said.
But the job with the ITMG includes one meeting per month, two per month at the most, and the group members have even said they are willing to travel to Birmingham some of the time to have meetings here.
Amiss's appointment as ITMG chairman, for two years initially, adds another dimension to his cricket career which has continued to evolve successfully long after he finally retired from playing, after banking a record 35,146 first-class runs for the Bears, in 1987.