ITMIInternational Triticeae Mapping Initiative (wheat and barley research)
ITMIInternational Tour Management Institute (est. 1976; San Francisco, CA)
ITMIInformation Technology Management Institute
ITMIIn Touch Mission International (Tempe, AZ)
ITMIInternational Training in Medical Informatics
ITMIInstitut Teknologi Manajemen Internasional (Indonesian: International Management Institute of Technology)
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Researchers found variants of a specific gene, the COL25A1 gene, in the Wellderly group, but not in the ITMI group.
Tepco and International Power each hold 50% shares in ITMI following the transaction.
ITMI holds a 40% in Arabian Power Company which owns the Umm Al Nar project.
John Niederhuber, ITMI chief executive, said he believes that the institute's next-generation sequencing (NGS) approach is the future in terms of genome-based diagnosis.
According to ITMI, GTR firmware is combined with a pipeline architecture that allows generating 60 images/sec.
DNA of the two parents of the ITMI mapping population was digested with either EcoRI, EcoRV, DraI, HindIII, or XbaI.
The ITMI reference population was used to map several probes in relation to framework markers.
RGA mapping in the ITMI population resulted in a single locus being mapped for each of the four KA clones KSUK953, KSUK958, KSUK952, and KSUK961, while another three clones, KA KSUK951 and RGAs KSU944 and KSU947, each had two loci mapped in the population (Fig.
Research is in progress to assign these AFLP markers to linkage groups on the W7984/Opata M85 ITMI map.