ITMIInternational Triticeae Mapping Initiative (wheat and barley research)
ITMIInternational Tour Management Institute (est. 1976; San Francisco, CA)
ITMIInformation Technology Management Institute
ITMIIn Touch Mission International (Tempe, AZ)
ITMIInternational Training in Medical Informatics
ITMIInstitut Teknologi Manajemen Internasional (Indonesian: International Management Institute of Technology)
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ITMI is utilizing genomic and clinical information from patients to develop innovative methods for personalized patient care.
Tepco and International Power each hold 50% shares in ITMI following the transaction.
ITMI holds a 40% in Arabian Power Company which owns the Umm Al Nar project.
According to ITMI, GTR firmware is combined with a pipeline architecture that allows generating 60 images/sec.
What's more, ITMI boasts a 92% graduate job placement rate.
We're excited to share the ITMI story - this program offers an exciting path for people to explore their passion for travel, adventure and amazing career paths so we're thrilled to expand awareness regarding this great opportunity and the people behind it," said Stephen Shinn, Shinn Communications Founder.
The partnership will result in the commercial availability of the preterm birth predictive models and corresponding software, including optional access to the underlying ITMI data.
Partnering with our colleagues at GNS provides the best opportunity to build a risk assessment/predictive model that takes into account the many variables, including genomic, clinical, environmental and behavioral factors, that combine to cause a preterm delivery," said John Niederhuber, EVP of Inova Health System and CEO of ITMI.
Founded in 1976, ITMI is America's first certified tour directors and travel guides program, preparing graduates for full and part-time careers in the domestic and international travel, destination management and corporate incentive industries.
The ITMI offers graduate and undergraduate programs, training to companies and individuals, conducts research, organizes seminars and conferences, and works closely with partner companies on projects of mutual interest in the information technology area.