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Certain it was that she was to come; and that Highbury, instead of welcoming that perfect novelty which had been so long promised itMr. Frank Churchillmust put up for the present with Jane Fairfax, who could bring only the freshness of a two years' absence.
"The idea that we are in some way destroying the nature of British society - come off itMr Blair warned that failing to act against preachers of hate would risk enraging ordinary British people.
'Mr Ianson went to intervene and Marvin Riley got out of the car, pulled out a screwdriver and slashed him across the face with itMr Driver said Riley started driving the car towards Mr Ianson's friends, but struck pedestrian railings.
He said the the patient, known as 'A', had asked a fellow inmate, referred to as 'B' - who had been on decorating duties in the health centre - to inject the sedative Midazolam if the dentist would allow itMr Stern said there had been no doctor available, one nurse refused to do it and another was not confident of getting a vein.
Following the Tory leader's attack, Labour pledged to make its controversial ID cards Bill a major plank of its first Queen's Speech if re-elected, challenging the Conservatives to back itMr Howard seized on a question about the Bourgass case at his morning news conference on education to launch his assault on the Government.