ITNCIf Tomorrow Never Comes
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Working closely with the Department of National Parks, the ITNC was one of the first supporters of the anti-poaching operation in the lowland Terai.
recognizes the ITNC as the legitimate representative of the Libyan
considers the opposition ITNC "a political interlocutor.
Domestically, the ITNC claims that local and regional citizen
represented the ITNC in meetings with Administration officials and
In a March 10 interview with a Spanish newspaper, ITNC chairman
to secure recognition of the ITNC in meetings with European and U.
time as Mustafa Abdeljalil and others were working to form the ITNC.
His relationship to the ITNC military council is unclear.
the week of March 7 and has worked to secure recognition of the ITNC in