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ITOIn Terms Of
ITOIndium Tin Oxide
ITOIn That Order
ITOInformation Technology Outsourcing
ITOInternational Terrorist Organizations
ITOIndustry Training Organisation (various locations)
ITOIndian Tribal Organization
ITOInformation Technology Officer (various organizations)
ITOIndependent Transmission Operator (various locations)
ITOInternational Trade Organization
ITOInformation Technology Office (DARPA)
ITOInternational Trade Office (various locations)
ITOTransient Outward Current
ITOIstanbul Ticaret Odasi
ITOInventory Turnover
ITOInformation Technology Operations
ITOInvitational Travel Order
ITOInternational Thespian Officer (theater)
ITOIntegrated Task Order
ITOInstallation Transportation Office(r)
ITOIncome Tax Officer
ITOInquiry To Order
ITOInstallation Transportation Officer
ITOIraqi Theater of Operations
ITOInternational Travel Order
ITOInvoluntary Treatment Order
ITOIntegrated Tasking Order
ITOHilo, HI, USA - Hilo Hawaii (Airport Code)
ITOI'm Trippin Out
ITOInstructions To Offerors
ITOInspecting Torpedo Officer (US Navy)
ITOIstanbul Tabip Odasi
ITOImmunology Today Online
ITOInactivity Time Out
ITOInstrument Take Off
ITOInternational Technical Officer
ITOIndependent Test Organization
ITOInternational Technology Office
ITOIdentifying Technical Order
ITOIntermediate Transfer Orbit
ITOInterim Technical Order
ITOIndustrial Truck Operator (job title)
ITOInterval Takeoff
ITOInspection, Test, and Operation
ITOIndian Tourism Office (India)
ITOIntegrated Targeting Order
ITOIzmir Ticaret Odasý (Turkey, Ýzmir Chamber of Commerce)
ITOInformation To Offerers
ITOIntegrated Tool Operations
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ITO intersection, which is frequented by over 4 lakh vehicles every day, is home to several prominent government establishments, including the Police Headquarters, the headquarters of the Delhi Development Authority, Vikas Bhawan, Income Tax Office and other central revenue buildings.
The ITO or PPy-coated ITO particles were dispersed in water and the PVA matrix was dissolved in the solution.
But Ito, who was sticking to his pre-match promise to play his attacking game, gradually began to settle and, helped by his opponent, broke back to level at 2-2.
Ito, who like Murray idolised Andre Agassi as a child, said: "Yes, I would be famous if I won.
However, his determination paid off, with Ito getting into the record books for the fastest time running 100 metres on all fours, at a pinch under 20 seconds.
Its fuel economy is 20 percent better than conventional aircraft and it can fly long-haul routes which do not generate sufficient demand for large-sized aircraft,'' Ito said.
In terms of the ITO providers' strategy on delivery models (such as utility services, cloud services and "as a service") the survey found that broadly-defined "cloud" investments are top priorities for 2011 -- especially investments in infrastructure utility or infrastructure as a service, but also private, community or government cloud services and software as a service.
ITO deposition was performed on a magnetron sputter coating system JZCK-420B (Juzhi Co.
ONE SUNNY DAY IN 1976, A YOUNG JAPANESE GEOLogy student named Tadashi Ito arrived outside the village of Bodh Gaya in India.
ITO signed a similar agreement with the French Consulate in Istanbul in 2008.
The project is in fact not an Ito building at all, but rather a very small component of an extensive refurbishment project for a hotel chain, Derby Hotels Collection.
21, 2009 (CENS)--The global ITO (indium-tin-oxide) film market is projected to grow 23% year-on-year (YoY) to reach 35.