ITOAInteger to ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange; computer programming)
ITOAIllinois Tactical Officers Association
ITOAIrish Tour Operators Association
ITOAIndependent Taxi Operators Association
ITOAInbound Tour Operators Association
ITOAIndependent Taxi Owners Association
ITOAInformation Technology Overview Analysis
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Besides the ItoA bug, the device has been suffering from a string of issues, which include:
Negotiations between the two sides in the dispute broke down after discussions lasting more than 16 hours at the Labour Relations Commission last week, leading to the ITOA voting overwhelmingly on Friday to serve notice of industrial action on the Turf Club.
Se trata de un caso paralelo al del verbo itoa que significa "decir" y que su derivado tlatoani significa "soberano".
En la palabra tlatoa, Molina no marca la /h/ del saltillo, aunque en realidad lo lleva, ya que el verbo tlahtoa se compone a su vez de la particula tla, marcadora de transitividad, algo, e itoa, decir, "decir alguna cosa".
From 1940 through the middle 1960's, Michael owned ITOA Taxi Company in Worcester and Angelo's Restaurant in Westboro.
ITOA President and member of the National Organizing Committee Jerry Anas said Junel Ann Divinagracia, Head of the Iloilo City Tourism and Development Office, was chosen as the Chairperson of the National Convention considering her experience and expertise in organizing big events.
Itauhcayo- viene de itauhqui (cosa que me esta prometida, o dedicada a mi persona); este ultimo termino parece provenir de itahui, verbo que significa "ilustrarse, adquirir renombre" y que a su vez parece provenir de itoa, otro verbo que equivale simplemente a "decir".
Also, on September 27, the officers and members of the ITOA will visit the municipality for their cultural immersion with the Indigenous People in Brgy.
La frase que se subrayo aparece en el original nahuatl de esta manera: yn iuh quitohua cequintin huehuetque mexica, de la que nos interesa particularmente el termino que alude a la accion realizada por los "antiguos mexicas"; se trata en este caso de quitohua, presente del verbo itoa, en su variante correcta itohua en este caso, al que se agrega el sufijo qui que nos indica la existencia de un complemento directo, de donde el termino se traduce como "lo dicen".
We believe the ITOA marketplace continues to demand industry expertise for better visibility into IT environments identifying the root cause of availability and performance issues for better actionable insights.