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(Confucius) ja itoe Soe Sie Pek Boen [Taij Hak or the first book of
For indicators of rural industrialization, ITOE and IIP show a cubic trend, and PPSR presents a quadratic trend.
From 1991 to 2010, ITOE, IIP, and GCR present positive relationships with the poverty depth (PG); meanwhile, URIG presents negative relationships with the poverty depth (PG).
Indicators of rural industrialization including ITOE and IIP have the positive coefficients for the poverty depth.
ITOE, IIP, and GCR present positive relationships with the poverty depth; meanwhile, URIG presents negative relationships with the poverty depth.
This second edition of Science and the Akashic Field updates the science published in the first version (2004), and presents (what Laszlo believes is) a more mature statement of the ITOE. It does present some viable alternatives to some scientific problems--e.g., that since random and chance mutations cannot by themselves account for the emergence of complexity that we have observed within the time constraints of our cosmos, there must be other factors at work, with the result that an organism integrated with its milieu is "designed for evolution" (p.
Last but not least, as befitting an ITOE, Laszlo proffers answers to the "big questions" of whence (we come from), what (we are), and whither (we are headed), and in doing so not only steps beyond science into metaphysics, but even beyond classical metaphysics and traditional religion into what can only be called a scientifically repacked mythology.
Japanese reluctance to expand its preservative list is having an impact on the market, according to Clariant's Rudi Itoe.
Having identified a connection between caste and race, which implied that upper castes and Sudras are different people, Wirjasutha concluded this section with the sentence: "Such is my theory about the origin of the four castes among the Aryans (Begitoelah saja pikirkan theorienja kedjadian 'Tjatoer Wangse' didalam bangsa Arjas itoe)."
But Wirjasutha was of the opinion (menoeroet saja poenje pendapatan itoe) that the caste system could not understand nationalism; because of its foreign origin, it failed to honour the [local] population.
We could blame the Dutch or the war situation for the poverty, Kitazima argued, but 'the biggest blame was attributed to the Indonesians themselves' (kesalahan jang terbesar itoe didjatoehkan kepada pihak Indonesia sendiri).
Birmingham's Citizen Khan star Adil Ray tweeted: "I might go and join the EDL rally and shout 'itoes' after each time they chant 'no more mosques'- turn it into an anti-malaria demo."