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Editors Sato, Itoh, Takayama, Kitazono, Morita, Itoi, and Kobayashi present readers with a collection of peer-reviewed papers selected from research presented at the twelfth International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials, held in September of 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.
Dr Itoi explained that apical touch is not the major cause of superficial punctate keratitis; rather surface deposits are to blame, so rubbing with cleaner is a vital step to match his impressive success rate of 99.
The other sites are Itoi River in Niigata Prefecture and Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki Prefecture.
The empty can test, also known as the supraspinatus test or Jobe test (resisted shoulder abduction in internal rotation), demonstrated diagnostic accuracy only once in 21 evaluations across six studies (Holtby and Razmjou 2004, Itoi et al 1999, Itoi et al 2006, Kim et al 2006, Leroux et al 1995, Park et al 2005).
Monica Itoi Sone wrote of her first sight of Puyallup in her book Nisei Daughter.
Kenji Itoi, a Japanese collector and connoisseur of Thai ceramics, describes Kalong wares as amongst the finest ceramics made in Thailand, a judgment based on the 'fine quality of the clay, the potters' indisputable skill at moulding, the paintings on extremely thin-slipped clay and the splendid sketching of ornamental design'.
Itoi E, Motzkin NE, Morrey BF and An KN (1992): Scapular inclination and inferior stability of the shoulder.
in New Zealand English, 19 LANGUAGE SOC'Y 155 (1990); Ritsu Itoi et
Fabric maker Itoi Textile and apparel planner Sun Trade are co-producing golf-wear made from bamboo leaves and rice paper.
J Obstet Gynaecol Res 22259-265, 1996; Itoi H, et al.