ITOOIntegrated Tactical Operations Organization
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This came days after the security forces killed top commander of Hizbul Mujahideen Yasin Itoo in a gunfight in Shopian district of Kashmir.
A group of 11 leaders of the National Conference ( NC), which included MLAs and MLCs, former minister Javed Darr and Sakina Itoo, met the governor and expressed concern over the mass arrests.
Los frutos de acerola tienen alto contenido de acido ascorbico (Itoo et al., 1990; Matsuura et al., 2001).
Elliott and van der Hoek and others [7] have studied fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter belonging to the interval (1/2,1), and they obtained fractional Girsanov theorem and fractional Itoo formula by using wick product.
My career has followed a similar path in many ways as, like Pavarotti, Itoo entered and won, asinging competition, although I was only 12.
Itoo was very interested in the recent remarks in the Echo by Jon House ("Chief's dire warning over future finances", August 20).
29 June: Ishtiyaq Ahmed, 15, Imtiyaz Ahmed Itoo, 17, and Shujaat-ul-Islam, 17, died after being shot by police in southern Anantnag.
Police identified the killed as Ishfaq Ahmed Khanday (15), Imtiyaz Ahmad Itoo (17) and Shujatul Islam (19).
Police identified the killed protesters as Ishfaq Ahmed Khanday, Imtiyaz Ahmad Itoo and Shujatul Islam.
IWISHtosayIagreewith Bill Backshall of Lydiate state regardinganindustrious liner terminal last Friday.writtenmany times regardingthis important item, Itoo would next week'spension to repayment.Socome on MrsGloria Nall, or ring the 24-hour hotline on 0151-529 6474.
ITOO, like Mark Griffiths, object strongly to paying extra community tax for our own police force, there is far too much money wasted by the force.