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ITOOLSIntegrated Technical Orders On-Line System
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Tokyo-based online ad company Unimedia outsources operation of mining equipment to iTools.
The iTools Telecom solution supports both fixed and mobile networks.
New version of company's iTools small graphical configuration software allows controller to be configured without connecting it to a power source.
Point clouds, the scanning digital data of the surface of the crayfish, were imported and analyzed in the iTools of IDL.
The new code base, DAVE 2, is largely based on IDL's iTools Framework, which is a set of classes (abstract data types) with a well-defined application programming interface (API) that can be used to write applications with extensive built-in functionality.
Movies can be saved back to the camcorder, copied to videotape or posted to a user's own Web site using iTools, Apple's suite of free Internet services.
Apple will let you place small digital video movies on its server for free, but they'll give you only 20 MB for free (see the iTools section of the QuickTime website).
iTunes 1.1 (US English version) is available now as a free download from and is also available automatically to all iTools users.
The new HomePage solution is one of Apple's four Internet iTools available free of charge for all Mac users running Mac OS 9, and is available at
It integrates a powerful, array-oriented language with numerous mathematical analysis and graphical display techniques, thus providing a high level of flexibility to access, analyse and visualize the data by different methods, such as programming in editor window or calling iTools, the IDL Intelligent Tools directly.
Last year, RSI R&D efforts added performance, functionality and simplicity to IDL with the release its most powerful enabling technology yet--a revolutionary concept in graphics and visualization called the IDL iTools.
One of those is under the heading of our iTools services, and that's a service called EdView.