ITOPIngeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas (Spanish: Public Works Engineering)
ITOPInduced Termination of Pregnancy
ITOPInformation Technology Omnibus Procurement
ITOPInternational Test Operations Procedure
ITOPIntercontinental Transport of Pollution
ITOPIowa Teachers of Psychology
ITOPIntegrating Theory and Observations of the Pleistocene (European Research Council)
ITOPIntegrated Test Operational Panel
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this framework agreement is at mixed prices, with a flat-rate part relating to the preventive and corrective maintenance of the itop software, and a part with purchase orders for scalable maintenance services and ancillary services (training services, support, studies).
(44) Sahagun (1986: 148-149): in itop iniipetlacal, "the chest and the basket" = "coffer".
Another advantage of the ITOP system is its ability to use data from CT and MRI scans to "tailor-make" tissue for patients.
Durante el primer trimestre del curso 2009-2010 se aplico la escala ACRA a los alumnos de la Universidad de Burgos (Espana) en: la Escuela Politecnica Superior en las titulaciones de Ingenieria Tecnica de Obras Publicas (ITOP) e Ingenieria Tecnica Industrial (ITI) y de la Facultad de Humanidades y Educacion en las titulaciones de terapia Ocupacional y de Maestro de Educacion Especial.
Summary of result of estimation in marketed formulation Sample % Label claim estimated * Simultaneous Absorbance Equation Method Ratio Method PAN ITH PAN ITH Itop 1 Mean 100.05 100.68 99.40 100.96 [+ or -] SD 0.56 1.02 0.10 0.65 CV 0.56 1.02 0.10 0.65 Itop 2 Mean 99.77 100.12 99.49 100.31 [+ or -] SD 0.61 0.90 0.36 0.89 CV 0.62 0.89 0.36 0.89 SE 0.27 0.40 0.16 0.40 Sample % Label claim estimated * Multicomponent Mode PAN ITH Itop 1 Mean 100.75 100.94 [+ or -] SD 0.26 0.33 CV 0.26 0.33 Itop 2 Mean 100.62 100.63 [+ or -] SD 0.30 0.53 CV 0.30 0.53 SE 0.13 0.23 * Mean of five observations [+ or -] Standard Deviation.
Variables del fichero inicial utilizadas en esta investigacion Nombre variable Descripcion etiqueta Valores SEXO Sexo 0: Varon 1: Mujer 1: Licenciado Periodismo 2: Licenciado Publicidad y Relaciones Publicas 3: Licenciado Comunicacion Audiovisual 4: Licenciado Administracion y Direccion Empresas (ADE) 5: Turismo 6: Arquitectura Tecnica TITU Titulacion a la 7: Ingenieria Tecnica que pertenece Informatica Sistemas (ITIS) 8: Ingenieria Tecnica Obras Publicas (ITOP) 9: Ingenieria Tecnica Telecomunicaciones (Iteleco) 10: Licenciado Ciencias de la Actividad Fisica y el Deporte (CAFD) 11: Diplomado Enfermeria 12: Diplomado Fisioterapia 13: Diplomado en Nutricion Humana y Dietetica HESTDIA Horas estudio al dia Numerica SA Surface Approach.
We provide access to GSA's products and services through our diverse portfolio of contract vehicles: ANSWER, Millennia, ITOP II, ACES, and Virtual Data Center Services.
Dr Alastair Lewis, from the pounds 1.2m Intercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors programme (ITOP) said, 'It's highly likely that air leaving the States contains a cocktail of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons, which are emitted from vehicle exhausts and power stations.
2m Intercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors programme (ITOP), said: ``It's highly likely that air leaving the States contains a cocktail of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons, which are emitted from vehicle exhausts and power stations.
This article presents an approach to creating and maintaining safe and successful schools by applying an Invitational Theory of Practice (ITOP; Juhnke & Purkey, 1995; Lehr, 1999; Lehr & Eubanks, 1997; Novak, 2002; Purkey, 2000; Purkey & Novak, 1996; Purkey & Schmidt, 1996; Purkey & Siegel, 2003; Shoffner & Vacc, 1999; Stanley & Purkey, 1994).
Far from being a itop modeli earning pounds 200,000 a year - as she claimed - she was a little known pin-up who survived posing topless for glamour photographers.
Top 10 GWAC Contract Vehicles GWAC Program Name Million $ % of GWAC Total Millennia $330 13.6% ANSWER (Acquisition and Support for $323 13.3% Worldwide End-user Requirements) SEWP II (Scientific and Engineering $300 12.4% Workstation Procurement II) DEIS II (Defense Enterprise Integration $286 11.8% Services II) ECS II 6.9% (NIH Electronic Computer Store II $167 ITOP II (Information Technology Omnibus $158 6.5% Procurement II) Millennia Lite $143 5.9% ODIN (Outsourcing Desktop Initiative $ 97 4.0% for NASA) CIOSP (Chief Information Officer $ 91 3.7% Solutions and Partners) SEWP III (Scientific and Engineering $ 78 3.2% Workstation Procurement III) 2001 figures from Federal Procurement Data Center, INPUT