ITOSInformation Technology Outsourcing Services
ITOSImproved TIROS Operational System (polar-orbiting US weather satellites)
ITOSInternet Traffic Optimization Services (Constellix)
ITOSImproved TIROS Operational Satellite
ITOSInternational Tug of Opportunity System
ITOSIntegrated Test and Operations System (NASA)
ITOSInterim Tactical Orderwire System
ITOSInterim Tactical Orderwire Subsystem
ITOSIntegrated Test and Operating System
ITOSIndalo Trans Oceans Sailors (Zurich, Switzerland)
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ost touch screens in phones are now made with indium tin oxides (ITO), reports Discover News.
It smells amazing and itOs also great for freshening up my skin if itOs feeling tight halfway through the day.
I spend a lot of time and money getting my colour done so I think itOs just criminal to let it fade.
You have to delve deep to find any solid food in this: itOs very thin and runny.
It smells of champagne and itOs very sensual, I have it by my bed...
''We have to renew our vow that violence is wrong, first and foremost,'' said Ito's predecessor, former Mayor Hitoshi Motoshima, who was shot and seriously injured by a right-wing extremist in 1990 for his remarks about the late Emperor Hirohito's war responsibility.