ITOSInformation Technology Outsourcing Services
ITOSImproved TIROS Operational System (polar-orbiting US weather satellites)
ITOSInternet Traffic Optimization Services (Constellix)
ITOSImproved TIROS Operational Satellite
ITOSInternational Tug of Opportunity System
ITOSIntegrated Test and Operations System (NASA)
ITOSInterim Tactical Orderwire System
ITOSInterim Tactical Orderwire Subsystem
ITOSIntegrated Test and Operating System
ITOSIndalo Trans Oceans Sailors (Zurich, Switzerland)
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ITOS has developed a nationwide wireless network of Mobile Computer Service Vehicles (MCSV's) that can be dispatched on-line with an exclusive "Dispatch-A-Tech" service to offer the first complete onsite computer outsourced, nationwide service.
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and ITOS, and members of their management as well as the assumptions on which such statements are based.