ITOWIn Their Own Words
ITOWIt's the Only Way
ITOWIndependent Towers of Washington (vehicle towing; Olympia, WA)
ITOWInteger Time of Week (computer programming)
ITOWIn The Out World (band)
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This iterative process of digging deeply into a classroom problem is an effective way to advance understanding of recurring and difficult teaching problems (Krajcik et al., 1998), which in turn provides the foundation for evolving knowledge, beliefs, and skills (Goodnough, 2005; Itow & Hickey, 2012; Voogt et al., 2015) as well as developing improved classroom practices (Coenders et al., 2010; Goodnough, 2005; Itow & Hickey, 2012; Kafyulilo, 2013; Bakah, 2011; Voogt et al., 2015).
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The start of the buddy system coincided with the launch of the iTow app, which MMDA chair Emerson Carlos said would give motorists extra protection against illegal towing operations.
The agency is launching today the iTow mobile application which aims to stop illegal towing operations in Metro Manila.
Carlos said iTow app users could directly report illegal towing operations to the MMDA command center in Makati City.
(iv) If [lambda] = 2, then the GITOWD is reduced to the interval 2-tuple ordered weighted Euclidean distance (ITOWED) operator.
In this example, we consider the interval 2-tuple maximum distance, the interval 2-tuple minimum distance, the ITND, the ITWD, the ITHWD, the ITOWD, the ITOWGD, the ITOWHD, the ITOWED, and the ITOWCD operators.
From Table 8, it can be observed that the ranking orders of the alternatives obtained by the methods of Xu [22] and Wei [23] are exactly the same as those determined by proposed approach when the ITND, the ITWD, the ITOWD, the ITOWED, and the ITOWCD operators are applied.