ITPAIbm Tivoli Performance Analyzer
ITPAInternational Tax Planning Association
ITPAInternational Truck Parts Association
ITPAInternational Tokamak Physics Activity
ITPAInstituto Teórico Práctico de Agricultura (Spanish: Theoretical and Practical Institute of Agriculture; Guatemala)
ITPAInosine Triphosphatase
ITPAInformation Technology Process Automation
ITPAIdentity Theft Prevention Act (New Jersey)
ITPAIndependent Third Party Administrator (various companies)
ITPAIndependent Telecommunications Pioneer Association
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2010) ITPA gene variants protect against anaemia in patients treated for chronic hepatitis C.
6) The ITPA in this case showed strong immunoreactivity to PTH.
Information publicly released as human trafficking data by the National Crimes Record Bureau actually contained aggregated data under the ITPA (which included statistics on the government's penalization of trafficking victims), and a limited number of IPC provisions which only addressed sex trafficking of girls rather than a broader range of human trafficking crimes; in addition, the data provided did not specify the number of investigations, prosecutions, and convictions.
A request was made for the ITPA to provide control priorities for the ITER actuators starting with a few phases of plasma operation.
The ITPA tries to limit pimps profiting from a sex workers' earnings, but the truth is that most of the sex workers we see in Sonagachi are mothers, raising families and sometimes living with their husbands.
El ITPA cuenta con 12 subtests que evaluan las habilidades psicolinguisticas del nino a nivel representativo, un proceso de organizacion y un proceso de expresion y un nivel automatico, en el que se pueden incluir pruebas de integracion (intregracion gramatical, integracion visual, integracion auditiva, test que es complementario, del mismo modo que reunion de sonidos) y pruebas de memoria secuencial (memoria secuencial auditiva y memoria secuencial visomotora).
Sex workers allege that ITPA criminalises most aspects of sex work by equating voluntary adult sex work with trafficking.
Section 8 of ITPA and Section 110 of the Bombay Police Act (BPA) require to be consigned to the shelves.
Hammill found that, while the ITPA worked as a fairly reliable approach to cognitive assessment of language functions, those psycholinguistic abilities seemed to be "impossible or extremely difficult to teach" (Hammill & Larsen, 1974, p.
Wessels et al11 established a model for predicting MTX efficacy in RA patients which consisted of sex, rheumatoid factor and smoking status, the DAS, and 4 polymorphisms in the AMPD1, ATIC, ITPA, and MTHFD1 genes.
ITPA (Test Illinois de Habilidades Psicolinguisticas) (27): la paciente obtiene resultados que la situan en la media del resto de ninos de su misma edad cronologica en todas las subescalas a excepcion de "Integracion visual" donde su rendimiento es inferior a la media.