ITPEIndustrial Technical Professional Employees
ITPEInformation Technology in Postsecondary Education
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1995a, 1995b; Grob and Krarti 1995; Krarti and Choi 1996) developed the ITPE method in a series of papers.
(2006) used the interzone temperature profile estimation (ITPE) method to study thermal conductivities of the walls and floors, which ranged from 12% to 63% of the soil conductivity and showed substantial effects.
The ground temperature measured at the base of the vertical walls correlated with the ambient air with an [r.sup.2] of approximately 0.64, so it will be necessary to estimate the time behavior of the ground temperature if transient fluxes are to be estimated (this can be done using the ITPE method of Krarti), but long-term averages should suffice for estimating annual heat losses.
While finite element analyses and Krarti's ITPE approach are capable of accurate prediction, their use requires computers and special skills.
The ITPE technique applied to steady state ground-coupling problems.
ITPE technique applications to time varying two-dimensional ground-coupling problems.
ITPE technique applications to time-varying three-dimensional ground-coupling problems.