ITPRSIndependent Transit Planning Review Services (San Diego Association of Governments; California)
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The main contribution of ITPRS is that we exploit strong prior information of the optical surface which has always been ignored by the previous phase retrieval algorithms.
Another advantage of the ITPRS is that the amplitude information of the wave filed is available in the novel electrical PROSM system.
To facilitate the introduction of the ITPRS technique, we use [u.sub.0](x) and [u.sub.r](x) to denote the wave front of the object plane and the image plane of the 4f optical setup, respectively, as shown in Figure 3.
ALGORITHM 1: ITPRS. Input: Observed intensity samplings [o.sub.r], the phase mask [M.sub.r].
Solving (6) and the BM3D postprocessing are two key techniques of the ITPRS technique.
The details of the proposed ITPRS algorithm are shown in Algorithm 1.
We compare the phase retrieval performance of ITPRS with two classical techniques SBMIR [15] and 4f-SPAR [20].
It is not surprising to observe that, due to a more faithful retrieval of the phases, the proposed ITPRS technique significantly improves the objective performance than the two competitors.
All requests for IT, regardless of dollar amount, will be entered into an ITPR smart form and documented prior to purchase.
The ITPR smart form will be completed by requesting commands and then forwarded via email to their respective Echelon II CIO for processing.
Requests for IT support services must include (attached to the ITPR smart form) a copy of the contract statement of work and any other supporting documentation for the services to be provided.
Comptrollers will support the ITPR process to ensure proper allocation and renouncing of approved IT.