ITQIndividual Transferable Quota
ITQImproving Teacher Quality (state grant)
ITQInformation Technology Qualification (UK)
ITQInstituto Tecnológico de Querétaro (Spanish: Technological Institute of Queretaro; Mexico)
ITQInvitation To Quote
ITQImproving Training Quality (conference; World Bank)
ITQInnovation, Technology and Quality (Euro-Mediterranean Partnership)
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ITQ is an official distributor of Travelport in six markets across Asia Pacific region including India, Sri Lanka.
In addition to the flawed record of rescuing fisheries from collapse, ITQ programs have brought striking degrees of consolidation in fishing fleets with attendant concerns for economic concentration.
Since the implementation of the first ITQ programs in the mid-1970s, hundreds of such programs have been adopted in over 20 countries.
Under the typical ITQ regime, a government agency sets the TAC for
Contract Team Leader, Stella Owen, said: "The ITQ is a very valuable qualification.
"Well done to the staff from Stanley Depot for achieving ITQ Level 1- Introduction to Computing."
Paris maintains that this would be tantamount to implicitly accepting ITQ since coastal fisheries would be exempted and France is strongly opposed to ITQ.
Your article on individual take quotas ("Net Benefits") swallows the arguments in their favor hook, line, and sinker, when some probing would reveal that ITQs are more than a little fishy.
When used in combination with the Thermo Scientific FOCUS GC, the ITQ 700 GC/MS achieves an unprecedented average relative standard deviation of 9.7% of four replicate analyses at 50 ng/g and a calculated average limit of detection of 2.7 ng/g in iceberg lettuce, based on eight replicate analyses of 5 ng/g, well below all published Minimum Reporting Limits (MRL).
Karen, who works for Currall Lewis and Martin (Construction) Ltd, in Broadwell Road, Oldbury, is currently studying for an ITQ qualification to boost her word processing skills.
In 2004 it launched the ITQ, the National Vocational Qualification for IT Users (known as the Scottish Vocational Qualification in Using IT in Scotland) that demonstrates staff competence in using IT in the workplace.