ITRAInformation Technology Risk Assurance (various companies)
ITRAInternational Technical Rescue Association
ITRAInternational Tire and Rubber Association
ITRAInternational Tenant Representative Alliance
ITRAIndependent Technical Risk Assessment
ITRAInternational Toy Research Association (est. 1993)
ITRAIrish Tag Rugby Association
ITRAInter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance
ITRAIrish Team Racing Association (Dublin, Ireland)
ITRAIran Threat Reduction and Human Rights Act of 2012
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The recommended approach for performing an ITRA should reflect the unique needs of each client.
A falta de dados qualitativos que expliquem os dados quantitativos obtidos por meio do questionario ITRA e uma limitacao que dificulta, ainda que nao impossibilite, a analise dos processos de subjetivacao dos trabalhadores da fabrica GMO.
"ITRA allows me to offer best-in-class real estate services to companies seeking space throughout the United States, the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim."
Nesse mapeamento nao se identificam estudos com policiais, justificando assim, esta pesquisa e a necessidade de ampliacao do uso do ITRA em outras categorias profissionais.
"Some are perfumes (Itra) and some are just scents (Sugandhi), that is why this fair has been titled 'Itra and Sugandhi Fair.' The people should have proper knowledge about scents and perfumes.
En la ecuacion (11), [I.sub.mj] representa Irse, Icen, Itra, Icav, Iair, Iagu, Irui, Isue, Iepu e Ibio separadamente para cada unidad experimental j-esima, [Z.sub.rj] la puntuacion del componente r-esimo para la unidad experimental j-esima, y [raiz cuadrada de [lambda]] la raiz cuadrada del autovalor para dicho componente, garantizando asi que los componentes con una mayor varianza explicada tengan una mayor ponderacion en la calificacion del indice.
"It was 1999 and my wife Debra and I were in Nashville for the ITRA show," says Woosley.
ITRA Ltd is the commercial arm of ITRI Ltd (formerly the International Tin Research Institute), offering the tin industry a unique technical enquiry, contract research and laboratory testing facility.
The most common metaphor for a woman is ka xet, the young, undamaged banana leaf used to wrap the itra, the classic indigenous dish of root vegetables, flesh, and coconut juice which is wrapped and tied in banana leaves and cooked in an earth oven.
International Tire & Rubber Association, Commercial Tire Service Technician Training & Certification Seminars, Birmingham, AL, ITRA (800) 426-8835 - March 20-21.