ITREIndustry, Research and Energy (EU)
ITREInstitute for Transportation Research and Education (Raleigh, North Carolina)
ITRECommittee on Industry, Research and Energy (European Parliament)
ITREInformation Technology: Research and Education (IEEE conference)
ITREConference on Information Technology Research and Education
ITREInstitute of Telecommunications Resellers in Europe
ITREIP Telephony Routing Engine (SS8 Networks)
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This feeling was evident during the final vote by members of the European Parliament's Committee on Energy (ITRE) on amending the directive on nuclear safety, on 18 March.
ITRE member Rebecca Harms of Germany's Greens Party, questioned the scientific consensus around deep geological disposal as the best solution.
Members of the European Parliament's Committee on Industry (ITRE) will be voting, on 18 March, on a total of six different measures treated in a report by Pilar del Castillo (EPP, Spain) on the single market for electronic communications.
Nuclear safety experts will address this issue at ITRE's next meeting, on February 12.
The ITRE committee had to decide between two amendments marking out 'specialised services', such as television on demand (IPTV), teleconferences or telemedicine, for example.
The report will be put to the plenary in September, along with the proposals by the ITRE committee, which has "associate" status on this issue.
The ITRE committee is "associated" to this dossier, meaning that its proposals will be submitted directly to Parliament's plenary session and Vidal Quadras might participate in the (predicted) three-way talks expected to follow the vote in plenary session.
The Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels (LSB) pointed out to members of the European Parliament's Committee on Energy (ITRE), meeting on 13 May in Brussels, the importance of having a stable regulatory framework in their sector.