ITREBIsmaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board (formerly Ismailia Association)
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In Northern Areas, the ITREB started its formal activities in 1975 by organizing a Guide Training Programme and, thereafter, started establishing RECs all over in phases.
At this point, it was decided that a vector programme, aimed at strengthening teachers educators would be conceptualized at the IIS in partnership with the Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development (IED) and ITREB to build and upgrade the religious education system.
With the introduction of IIS published textbooks for pre-school children (age three to five years) in 1990s, ITREB undertook the exercise of building pre-school rooms all over Pakistan on yearly basis, but this exercise was too slow and insufficient, while attention to primary sections was overlooked.
ITREB, looking the environment of Pakistan, has come to the terms by introducing Quranic education for Ismaili students.
ITREB efforts in sustaining the community and transforming it into modern, enlightened community are, no doubt, well accepted among the community members.