ITREOHInternational Training and Research in Environmental and Occupational Health
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Nine Latin American countries are participating in ITREOH programs.
In 1999, Leonardo Quintana-Jimenez, the first SWCOEH doctoral trainee supported by the school's ITREOH program, graduated with a doctorate in safety engineering and ergonomics.
For instance, says Allan Smith, principal investigator of the University of California, Berkeley, ITREOH program, West Bengal (along with neighboring Bangladesh) has been confronted with widespread arsenic contamination of drinking water to an extent that is without parallel in world history.
Eleven Eastern European countries are partners with four ITREOH centers in the United States.
ITREOH programs support the flow of trainees who go back to their countries with increased knowledge of research, risk assessment, and intervention strategies that can benefit exposed populations in their countries.
Nevertheless, as Aron Primack, a program director with the Fogarty Center, says, "We know that many individuals who are now in powerful policy-making positions in different countries throughout the world have participated in ITREOH at some point in their careers.