ITRMInformation Technology Resource Management
ITRMIt Resource Management
ITRMIt Risk Management
ITRMInformation Technology Risk Management (various locations)
ITRMInstitutional Training Resource Model
ITRMInfostructure Technology Reference Model
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In contrast, the success of ITRM models and theories in large organisations has shifted focus towards small business enterprises (SMEs) [Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (2004)].
One of the reasons attributable to the shift in paradigm as suggested by researchers and practitioners of ITRM is that it serves as a new venue of improved services and potential benefits for SMEs [Gerber and Von Solms (2005)].
An ITRM program is designed to execute, manage, measure, control and report on risk matters within IT.
Most organizations do not spend enough time clearly defining those critical business issues or business drivers that create the necessity for an ITRM program.
Because the ASAT database is linked directly to the ITRM database, ASAT data input avoidance increased the probability of inadequate resources for Mission Essential Task List (METL) execution.
The battalion's Lean Value Stream analysis produced a reduction in WIP, while ensuring lesson plan resource data was accurately represented and available to the TRADOC ITRM database.
More recently, Lee worked as an IT consultant and network security specialist for Ernst & Young's Information Technology Risk Management (ITRM) practice, and KPMG's Risk and Advisory Services (RAS) practice.
These capacity increases are in addition to the numerous expansions completed last year, most notably the 50% expansion by ITRM, and a 15 million pound expansion by R&S Processing.
Tenders are invited for Modified V Grooved Wheel Assembly Consisting Of Itrm Numbers 1,2,3,4, And 5 With Quantity Indicated Against Each Item To Rwf Drawing Number 702093710250.
AirBoss of America, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, announced that the planned custom mixing expansion at the company's 100% owned ITRM custom rubber mixing facility in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada has been completed.
Contractor must comply with current and future versions of the Commonwealth of VA Information Security Standards ITRM Standard SEC 501.09.
The categories are Desktop computers Laptop computers File servers For desktop and laptop computers, Contractor must sanitize the hard drives of the assets removed from VBCPS in accordance with the DOD 5220.22-M standard and COV ITRM Standard SEC2003-02.1 and in compliance with all State and Federal EPA requirements.