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And finally ITRR data shows that 5 percent of nonresidents used the services of a guide during their visit--perhaps a half-day raft trip or an eight-day hunting trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
Because of Pennsylvania's importance in the production of natural gas, ITRR concluded, an uptick in vandalism, criminal activity, and extremism was likely.
ITRR added that there is, in fact, an increased threat of kidnapping terror= operations in areas of Israel and Egypt in close proximity to Gaza and the= Palestinian Authority areas, as well as in Iraq.
ITRR always uses the conservative estimates from survey data though.
A recent ITRR study showed that certain attributes of Montana were important to nonresidents when visiting: clean waterways, clean air, wildlife viewing opportunities, scenic vistas, open space, an opportunity to view the night sky, and access to public lands and waterways (Table 1).
Overall Travel/Visitor Numbers -1.0% -3.8% Airline Travel -5.4% -2.0% Rooms Sold -3.8% -7.0% National Parks Yellowstone +7.4% +4.0% Glacier +12.2% Skier Visits -5.9% -5.0% Table 2 Business Owner Projections for 2010 Projected Expect an Expect to Expect a Year increase remain the same decrease 2010 47% 42% 12% 2009 32% 39% 27% 2008 55% 34% 10% 2007 64% 31% 5% 2006 63% 31% 6% 2005 67% 26% 7% 2004 79% 18% 3% 2003 70% 22% 8% 2002 56% 33% 10% Source: ITRR Outlook surveys.
ITRR estimates that about 2.7 percent of nonresidents participate in OHV activities.
In response to potential travel behavior change due to higher gasoline prices, ITRR conducted a mid-summer survey of nonresidents to Montana.
ITRR research found that in 2005 there were 998 outfitters in Montana who employed 6,100 guides and other staff.
Gas prices and the effect on travel has been the most frequently asked question at the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research (ITRR) for the past two years.
Melissa Dubois is ITRR's program assistant and Web coordinator and James Wilton is assistant director of ITRR.
Looking beyond events surrounding Lewis and Clark, ITRR has gathered estimates of visitation at various Lewis and Clark sites over the past few years.