ITRUIdentity Theft Recovery Unit (various companies)
ITRUInstructional Technology Resource Unit (University of Dar Es Salaam; Tanzania)
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(NL/NL 10/15/00), which integrates advanced digital rights management (DRM) and protection technologies, has just been acquired by the InterTrust Techologies Corp., a NASDAQ-listed firm (ITRU).
The study was a joint programme of research funded by the Department of Employment and undertaken by the Industrial Training Research Unit (ITRU), of University College, London and Henley (Belbin, Aston & Mottram, 1976).
Validated by more than 12 independent studies, Tru-D's combined automated measured dosing capabilities and real-time usage-tracking feature, iTru D, make Tru-D the most precise and advanced automated UV disinfection system available.