ITS-2Second Internal Transcribed Spacer (ribosomal DNA repeating unit)
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incognita (Eisenback et al., 1981), and amplification of rDNA and and partial sequence (ITS-I and ITS-2) showed sequence homology with that of M.
Similitud de las secuencias amplificadas de las regiones ITS1-5.8S e ITS-2 del ADN ribosomal con las depositadas en el GeneBank de los aislamientos de Colletotrichum spp., obtenidos de papaya Pococi recolectada en el canton de Guacimo.
All the isolates generated a single prominent band on agarose gel which included partial sequence of 18S gene, complete sequence of ITS-1, 5.8S gene, ITS-2 and partial sequence of 28S gene.
Phylogeny of diplozoids in five genera of the subfamily Diplozoinae Palombi, as inferred from ITS-2 rDNA sequences.
Ribosomal DNA is present in all organisms and is composed of several regions (genes and spacers) that evolve at different rates (Hillis and Dixon, 1991); (5) The internal transcribed spacer regions (ITS-1 and ITS-2) have been used at species and intraspecific levels of many taxa for distinguishing the different forms (Carbone and Kohn, 1993; Bowles and McManus, 1993; Hsiao et al., 1994; Buckler IV et al., 1997).
gattii specific primers that target the gene encoding the rDNA internal transcribed regions 1 (ITS-1) and 2 (ITS-2) were used in a nested PCR reaction as described by Rappelli et al.
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canis en muestras de suelo, mediante amplificacion del transcrito interno (ITS-2) del ADN ribosomal (ADNr) del parasito.
"Andean" and "non-Andean" ITS-2 and mtCytB haplotypes of Triatoma infestans are observed in the Gran Chaco (Bolivia): population genetics and the origin of reinfestation.