ITS-2Second Internal Transcribed Spacer (ribosomal DNA repeating unit)
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The ITS-1 and ITS-2 of rDNA nested PCR exhibited a specificity of 100% for the negative controls (0 positives/51 samples) as well as, for those samples (0/92) with other diagnosed respiratory infections (Table 3B).
The amplified fragments of ITS-2 of the 2 species are similar in size, making detection of the parental species and their [F.
herreri sus longitudes de banda para el ITS-2 del ADN ribosomal, se encontro que la secuencia fue identica; debido a ello, se propone dos subespecies P.
Qualitative analysis of ITS projects Strategy Detail Disappointment Damage Success ITS-1 Yes Yes Yes No No ITS-2 Yes No No No Yes ITS-3 Yes Yes Yes Yes No ITS-4 Yes Yes Yes Yes No ITS-5 Yes Yes Yes Yes No ITS-6 Yes No No No Yes
Further characterization of the ITS-2 locus for subtyping was considered necessary.
Sponge species were identified using standard taxonomic methods and sequence analysis of the entire ITS-2 and partial 28S ribosomal DNA (rDNA) subunits.
cameronensis located at ITS-1 (5'- TTgreater than GGCCCTTgreater than CCCTTgreater than CTGGCGG-3') and ITS-2 (5'- GAGGCGCAGCCCTTCACTT-3') while there is only a single region in L.
ITS-2 rDNA sequencing of Gnathostoma species (Nematoda) and the elucidation of the species causing human gnathostomiasis in the Americas.