ITS1Internal Transcribed Spacer 1
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The consensus primers ITS1 forward and ITS4 reverse successfully amplified the ITS1-5.
unfasciativentris-specific primers from ITS1 to detect hyperparasitism in mealybug specimens was successful, as it amplified a 755 bp PCR product exclusively from P.
Os produtos da PCR foram purificados com PEG 8000 a 13% e, nas reacoes de sequenciamento para os oligonucleotideos ITS1 e ITS4, as sequencias geradas continham de 400 a 900 pb, tamanho referente ao segmento que corresponde a regiao ITS1-5.
El ADN amplificado con los cebadores ITS1 e ITS4, se visualizo en geles de agarosa al 1 %, los fragmentos amplificados mostraron diferentes tamanos: una de 530pb para P1 y 642pb para P2 (Figura 6a).
com)-- The NEXTflex[TM] 18S ITS Amplicon-Seq Kit simplifies the preparation of multiplexed amplicon libraries spanning the ITS1 and ITS2 hypervariable regions of eukaryotic 18S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes to permit the fast and cost-effective characterization of uncultured fungal and micro-eukaryotic organisms.
The mtCOI gene achieved highest sequencing success rate of 100% among the 2 genes examined, while the ITS1 sequencing success rate was 70%.
Para la determinacion precisa de la secuencia del amplicon, ambas cadenas se secuenciaron (Macrogen, Korea) utilizando los cebadores ITS1 e ITS4.
8SrRNA-1TS2 regions, as target rDNA region, was amplified using primers ITS1 (5'-TCCGTAGGTGAACCTGCGG-3') and ITS4 (5'-TCCTCCGCTTATTGATATGC-3').
Description of a new species of Crassicutis Manter, 1936, parasite of Cichlasoma beani Jordan (Osteichthyes: Cichlidae) in Mexico, based on morphology and sequences of the ITS1 and 28S ribosomal RNA genes.
Neighbor-joining trees based on both the control region and ITS1 sequences show that the endemic Anchoa choerostoma is more closely related to A.