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When Boipelo's baby was first allowed out into the yard, her six-year-old uncle remarked to her, indulgently, 'Ga re go itse, akere!--We don't know you, do we?--as if to introduce himself, while distancing her from the risks that relational recognition might create.
Nako fa a simolola sekolo se segolo , kereke le Modimo tsa tsena mo go ene, a tshimolola go itse gore dikgwetlho di a tshimologa mo botshelong jwa gagwe.
In order to examine the performance of the controller, four different objective functions are used: ISE, ITSE, IAE and ITAE.
(53) Itse Sagay, "The Many Afflictions of Anti-Corruption Crusade in in Nigeria".
Performance Methods Index HS original FHS IT2FHS GT2FHS RMSE 1.53E+00 1.57E+00 1.56E+00 1.52E+00 ITAE 8.87E+05 1.01E+06 1.01E+06 8.39E+05 ITSE 2.02E+06 2.62E+06 2.62E+06 1.67E+06 IAE 1.78E+03 2.02E+03 2.02E+03 1.68E+03 ISE 4.06E+03 5.25E+03 5.25E+03 3.34E+03 Table 7: Results with perturbation in the controller.
En la tabla 8 se resumen los valores obtenidos para Mp y ITSE con los diferentes controladores.
Temperatures on its dayside reach about 430AaAaAeAe[degrees]C, while the sun itse has a surface temperature of 5,500AaAaAeAe[degrees]
Integral Square Error (ISE), Integral Absolute Error (IAE), Integral Time Square Error (ITSE), Integral Time Absolute Error (ITAE) are used as objective functions for PSO algorithm and the results are tabulated in Table II.
PI Fuzzy-PD Switch Fuzzy-PID Switch PI-Fuzzy-PD PI-Fuzzy-PID IAE 0.943 0.2256 0.115 0.11 0.108 ITAE 188.6 45.11 13.109 11.87 9.73 ISE 0.8893 0.05088 2.416e - 3 9.27e - 4 7.415e - 4 ITSE 1779 10.18 4.832 3.774 3.027 Table 5: Pumps parameters.
International Society for Technology in Education (ITSE) Publications.
The four commonly used performance criteria for fitness function design are the integral absolute error (IAE), integral squared error (ISE), integral time-weighted squared error (ITSE), and Integral time-weighted absolute error (ITAE).
While society lauds the intelligence and subtlety of itse legal system as its mode of dispute resolution, it ignores discussion of whether the system is accessible.