ITSEAInfant-Toddler Social Emotional Assessment (trademark of Pearson Education, Inc.)
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Briggs-Gowan, The Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment (ITSEA), University of Massachusetts Boston Department of Psychology BMA, Yale University NHCT, 2000.
Infant mental health is measured using the Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment (ITSEA) [12, 13].
To make preliminary assessment of the efficacy of GIFT, changes in scores on the ITSEA competence scale will be compared between the GIFT and FACS groups, adjusting for important baseline variables.
Senior Writer Children With ITSEA Scores In the Clinical Range Exposed to nicotine (n = 14) Not exposed to nicotine (n = 2) Note: Based on a study of 93 children.
The ITSEA produces scores for four primary domains of social and emotional behavioral development for young children; each domain contains several subscales: externalizing domain (activity/impulsivity, aggression/defiance, peer aggression), internalizing domain (depression/withdrawal, general anxiety, separation distress, inhibition to novelty), dysregulation (problems with sleeping, problems with eating, negative emotionality, sensory sensitivity), and social-emotional competence domain (positive behaviors that include compliance, attention regulation, imitation and pretend play skills, mastery motivation, empathy, prosocial peer relations).
Normative T-scores are not available for each of the 17 subscales that constitute the ITSEA domain scores; only the raw score percentile ranks are available for each subscale.
Study staff were not aware of a child's ITSEA scores or PBDE exposures through breast milk at the time the HOME was administered.
Note: BASC-2, Behavior Assessment System for Children; BDE, brominated diphenyl ether; BSID, Bayley Scales of Infant Development; ITSC, Infant/Toddler Symptoms Checklist; ITSEA, Infant Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment; MSEL, Mullen Scales of Early Learning; PBDE, polybrominated diphenyl ether; PRS-P, Parent Rating Scales--Preschool.
The results of these analyses showed statistically significant deficits for the motor composite score on the Bayley assessment and for the competence component of the ITSEA assessment, Dr.
Depressed competence scores on the ITSEA assessment reflect attention abnormalities, she said.
Jones, "The infant-toddler social and emotional assessment (ITSEA): Factor structure, reliability, and validity," Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, vol.