ITSESInsectivore, Tree Shrew and Elephant Shrew Specialist Group (Vienna, Austria; now split into the Insectivore Specialist Group and the Afrotheria Specialist Group)
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As mentioned in the previous section, the integral time-weighted squared errors (ITSEs) of all control loops are selected to be minimized rather than the integral-squared-errors (ISEs) for its faster settling response.
The resulting best gains' values for different BELBICs that minimize the summation of the integral time-weighted squared errors (ITSEs) for different decoupled loops are presented in Table 3.
For verification purposes, the response of the designed control scheme, which is based on the minimization of ITSEs of all control loops utilizing the BSO algorithm, is compared to that of the latest research that considers the same application.
For comparison purpose, the PID controllers are designed by utilizing the PSO technique for minimizing the summation of the integral time-weighted squared errors (ITSEs) of system control loops.
Consequently, we undertook to (1) demonstrate the feasibility of quantitatively combining the information contained in parallel experimental and control ITSEs in order to measure the net effects of representative preventive reminders; (2) check the internal validity of this approach by comparing results with those obtained from applying logistic regression analysis to individual-level data from the same experience; and (3) discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such "controlled time-series trials" (CTS Ts), especially regarding their potential conduct in mainstream practice settings that store claims and clinical data in computerized repositories.
The e xperiences of both firms were then similarly analyzed as separate ITSEs in order to determine their individual contributions to the net effect.
The experimental ITSE alone would have incorrectly attributed the observed decrease to the introduction of reminders.