ITSMCIEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc.) Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (publication; New York)
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The properties of the proposed adaptive fuzzy ITSMC law is summarized by the following theorem.
To test the ability of tracking performance of all the controllers, multiple step changes in the process variables are given (initially 20% of positive step change at 600 sec and -20% of step change at 1200 sec).Among the five controllers, ITSMC having better tracking performance with comparatively less rise time and faster settling time without overshoot.
From the responses, it is inferred that the ITSMC rejects the disturbance quickly.
7, the ITSMC makes a good impact in bringing the system to original operating conditions.
9, where the sliding surface for the Standard SMC, TSMC, ITSMC and FrSMC are drawn to a single set point.