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ITSUICG (International Coordination Group) for the Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific
ITSUInformation Technology Services Unit
ITSUInstructional Technology Services Unit (US FBI)
ITSUIEEE Transactions on Sonics Ultrasonics (journal)
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15) (Imperial War Museum, London) AL 1099, Colonel Ogawa Itsu and Lieutenant-Colonel Sei Ino, "Borneo Operations 1941-2"; page 254.
Okamura Kumakichi, an old gentleman with some means, lives in amity with his wife Okamura Itsu, at Mefune-machi in Kumamoto.
10) Na omohi to kimi ha ihe domo aha-mu toki itsu to do not miss (me) C my love T said but see-Inf.
Baran Itsu, a winner over the course at the Ystrad meeting, repeated the performance in the restricted under Paul Sheldrake, and bargain buy Roman Gale, an intermediate winner seven days earlier at Bonvilston, scored again for Andrew Price after the odds-on Rave-On-Hadley beat a retreat from halfway.
It is not, it bears more resemblance to Roman script and ITSU, Lord and MITRIS, Mithras can be seen.
New digital editing technology has enabled the ITSU staff to create exceptionally high-quality video productions.
This latest programmable bridge controller is another example of QuickLogic's commitment to delivering ready-to-integrate solutions for portable products such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Smartphones, Personal Media Products (PMP), and portable industrial systems," said Itsu Wang, Logic Products, Marketing Manager for QuickLogic.
There was an Itsu restaurant on the ground floor of the building Float 10 was passing.
A woman who works in the Itsu food store opposite the building said she saw a young woman lying on the ground, with two paramedics attempting to resuscitate her.
Pussy is available from independent retailers, cash and carry and wholesalers across the UK and is now stocked in Selfridges, the UK's most stylish department store, Tesco and London sushi chain itsu.
Itsu is launching a new range of snacks, energy drinks and popcorn as the sushi restaurant chain looks to follow the likes of Nando, Pizza Express and Wagamama onto supermarket shelves.
Litvinenko was taken ill on November 1 after visiting the Millennium Hotel and the Itsu sushi restaurant in London, where investigators found traces of polonium.