ITSVInternet Tracking & Security Ventures, LLC
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The aim of the award process is the conclusion of framework agreements with 3 partners of the framework agreement on the procurement and provision of training services for the main topic of project and program management throughout Austria for ITSV GmbH and further mentioned in the terms and conditions of release-authorized locations.
The objective of this procurement procedure is the conclusion of framework agreements (ie agreements without purchase obligation, and without exclusivity), each with several contractors for the provision of IT services throughout Austria for ITSV and all other polling authorized bodies with the following lots - Los 45: SV-Transformer;- Los 46: Cobol services;- Los 47: Open Source.
In the ITSV are currently - historically grown through the consolidation of several data centers of social insurance - three different products for job control in use (Automic UC4, SMA OpCon / xps, BMC Control-M / O).